What our clients say about Creative Life Coaching

 “This has been exactly what I needed to kick-start some positive change. It has encouraged me to think outside my comfort zone, more positively and more openly and I see evidence in my every day actions. It has exceeded any expectations I had.”

“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jo. I felt safe to speak my mind and explore ideas and confident in her abilities as she helped me through some difficult processes and helped me to make real lasting changes to the way I approach certain things. I am now in a very different and much more positive place. Thank you very much for everything.”

“Jo. I loved your calm, wise, understanding, non-judgemental, encouraging, fun, holistic approach to life coaching. I think I was very lucky to chance upon you and I feel you have helped me enormously to work out what is important and what is not, what is helpful and what is not and to identify tools and strategies to set me on my path to the future. I would recommend you unhesitatingly to everyone that I know and would love to work with you again myself in the future. Thank you very much.”

“Jo has been a real support and her Life Coaching sessions have been inspirational in ways I could not have imagined.”

“I find coaching with Jo to be a fantastic experience. I love it because it is positive, forward focused, with a personalized goal in mind. It goes without saying that it is totally non-judgmental and each session flows in the direction dictated by the individual. It is a truly unique, creative and holistic experience.  Jo is wonderful at listening and retaining information about you, to the extent that sometimes it feels like she knows you as well, if not better, than you do yourself.

“One area where coaching has helped me enormously is the use of images to put into words whatever it is that is troubling you, holding you back, or indeed to describe what you are trying to achieve and where you want to go. It can be really difficult putting these totally personal, elusive ideas, thoughts and feelings into words. It certainly was for me. I cannot tell you how effective, and what a relief it was, to find the image that gave me the understanding and words for an experience, childbirth actually, that I had found personally traumatic, but to the outside world was nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Finding an image to describe my personal trauma and feelings, allowed me to process what had happened and accept that for me it was traumatic. Having been able to express in words why it was so traumatic, I was then able to deal with it and let it go. It was the image that unlocked the words that allowed the distress to dissipate.”

“I now have many images in my tool kit, which incorporate a thousand words and feelings in one single picture, and express my feelings far better and with greater depth than a thousand words ever could. These images help to clarify and bring into sharp focus my thoughts on my values, strengths, passions, goals and life path. I have found this invaluable.”

What our clients say about Holistic Career Coaching

“The weeks I have spent working on the career coaching programme with Jo have been some of the most enlightening and enjoyable hours I have spent. I would like to thank you, Jo, for your intelligent and thoughtful approach. It is something special to be able to unlock someone’s perception of their potential and help them to identify their strengths and talents and be able to put them to good use in a future career but I feel that is what between us we have achieved.”

“The programme is a well thought out series of exercises and activities that have responded to need,  remaining flexible and creative. The exercises and activities within the sessions and “homework” have provided powerful insights into my values, feelings, strengths  and ambitions whether professional or personal.”

“We did joint (husband and wife) life/career coaching with Jo and we can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering a life/career change.  Jo empathetically and flexibly guided us through a very useful process which really helped us to clarify who we are/where we want to go/what we want to do.  She is perceptive, calm, professional, with a warm, caring manner – and we shared some good laughs!”

“I have just started career coaching with Jo and find her professional and easy to work with.  I have come away with a lot more ideas and focus and I know where I am going and that is is achievable.”

“It has supported an appreciation of what I have already gained in experience and skills and therefore increased my confidence in these.  It has enabled me to become more focused on both professional and personal goals and developing an inner discipline in order to achieve them.”

“You have a skill in “reading” people and picking up on what may be going on for them and responding in a warm, intuitive and creative way that is fitting. Thank you Jo”.

“Jo really helped me at a time when I felt I needed new goals and focus – we established short-term and long-term goals that corresponded with my values and strengths. All this gave me a clarity of purpose and important tools to move towards my long-term ambitions. I would recommend her help if you want to drill down into what you want from work and life.”

What our clients say about Daring to Mother as if YOU Matter

“I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to any mother. Jo and Susi provided a
safe, secure and welcoming space which allowed me time to explore some of the
parenting challenges I face with the rest of the group. The support from the coaches
was individually tailored and backed by grounded psychological research. I felt
empowered when I left the course to start to explore some new strategies, and it was
a privilege to be guided gently through this process by Jo and Susi.” Clare, Totnes

“I was very privileged to be part of Jo and Susi’s course. As a busy working mother it is not very often that I get the chance to actually sit back and look at what I need and am sometimes unaware that by not doing this can build up frustration and anxieties.

This is the first time I have seen a course like this in my area which is why I booked onto it straightaway and was not let down. Susi and Jo are very engaging and welcoming, giving support as well as allowing plenty of time for personal reflection. Having a small group meant it was easy to talk and open up, with emotions running high on many occasions through the use of creative writing and open discussion.

I came away from the day exhausted with emotion but with a sense of relief and empowerment that I could move forward with new perspectives thanks to what I had learnt, shared and listened to.   I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any mother who has come to a brick wall in life and needs a little nudge in the right direction!”  Business owner and mother of 3, Exeter.

“Jo and Suzi are creating a very safe and still arena in which to delve as deep as feels right for each woman to explore important questions and themes. I was able to reflect on how I am in the world as a Mum and a Woman and I was invited to explore the ways in which I wanted to gently( or perhaps abruptly) shift to a life led with more purpose and intention. I loved connecting with myself and other women with this invitation in mind. It felt nourishing and exciting.” Vicki, Totnes.

“Prior to the workshop I knew that it was time for me to make some changes in my life as I have been struggling with trying to balance being a Mum, a partner, working and meeting my own personal needs.
Jo and Susi created an environment where I felt safe and comfortable, alongside a small group of other Mothers, to explore some of my innermost thoughts, and in a very gentle yet effective way they helped me uncover some of my ways of thinking that have been getting in the way for me and essentially causing me to feel limited.
I left feeling very positive about the possibilities that are truly available for me, and with some clear actions steps that I am committed to act upon as I have been reminded how important it is for me to be living the life that I want to lead, not just for my own benefit but my family too.” Trina, Tiverton, Devon

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