Time for YOU Groups

small, supportive groups using creative + coaching tools

Is ‘Time for YOU’ just what you need at this point in your life?

Are you a mother and do you want time and space to think about who YOU are now with a small, supportive group of other mothers?

Are you interested in thinking about what you need, how you could make your life more deeply fulfilling, (or even just a little more balanced) and how this could work in your life?

Do you want to be with other people who ‘get it’ and give saying what needs to be said a go?

Do you want to  play with words and images, try out new tools and experiment with what works for you?

It doesn’t matter how old your children are* the Time for You group could be just what you’re looking for…

*Please note: The Time for YOU groups run from the Children’s Centres are for mums who have a child in their family who is 8 or under

 As a mother you are asked to give so much of yourself every day, both physically and emotionally.

You are also called on to make choices constantly that impact the direction of someone else’s life as well as your own. It’s easy to end up feeling depleted or find you are always at the bottom of the list.

What you are doing day-to-day is big work, even if it doesn’t get a fanfare.  You deserve a pit-stop team to support you so that you’re not running on empty. It can be a relief when you find a way back to yourself and can be honest about how things really are, where this honesty isn’t just tolerated but is genuinely valued and you aren’t compared to some crazy ideal that none of us measures up to.

Though it can be hard to prioritise yourself and find the ways to do this, you know that it isn’t a luxury but a necessity and benefits everyone.

Which group is right for you?

For Mothers of Children with Additional Needs

  • for mothers of children with additional needs

  • your child doesn’t need a diagnosis for you to come

  • take time and space for yourself

  • share how mothering our children transforms us

  • re-fuel, play with words, coaching tools and images and say what needs to be said

  • you don’t have to be ‘creative’ or a ‘writer’, just willing to give it a go

  • think about what you need now and how to work this into your life

Where:   Devonport, Plymouth, Buckfastleigh  and North Plymouth.   BOOKING ESSENTIAL FOR ALL GROUPS

PLYMOUTH group details: Mondays 10am- 12pm

Starting: Monday 14 October 2019 for 8weeks, term time only

Taster Session:  Monday 3oth Sept 10am- 12pm and 7th Oct 10am- 12pm BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Where: Routeways Devonport  Park Activity Centre – Do –contact us if this could be for you. BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Fee:  Free. Priority booking if you are on means tested benefits.

Facilitators: Jo Ball supported by Clare Gale, whose youngest son has complex medical issues.  Clare did the group and loved it so much she wanted to share it with others.


Group details to be confirmed


Starting: Tuesday 15th  October 2019 for 8weeks, term time only

Taster Session:  Tuesday 8th Oct 12.15 – 2.15pm BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Where: Jellyfish Studios, Buckfastleigh – Do –contact us if this could be for you. BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Fee:  Free. Priority booking if you are on means tested benefits.

Facilitators: Jo Ball supported by Cass Povey-Naylor. Cass has a child with autism, and found attending the group so rewarding she wanted to continue the support for others.

For All Mothers

  • for all mothers how ever old your children

  • 7 weekly sessions.

  • take time to think about who you are since becoming a mum

  • re-fuel, play with words, coaching tools and images and say what needs to be said

  • optional ‘take away’ tasks to experiment with making your life more fulfilling

  • take stock of your values now and how to live these in your life

We will create a bespoke group when we have 8 mothers registered

Where: Dartington, Devon.

When: Morning – day of week to be confirmed

Starting:  To be confirmed when we have 8 mothers ready to start

Fee: £120 (with one concessionary place available)

Facilitators: Jo Ball

If this could be for you: Contact us

How do the Time for You groups work?

To make sure this feels like a safe and supportive group, the numbers are limited to 8 participants.  We meet weekly, take time to talk and look at a theme and do a honed range of creative and coaching exercises that give you the space to re-connect with yourself.  No writing  or creative experience is needed just a willingness to try it out.  If you want, we also work with you to create your own enjoyable ‘experiment’ to take home and play with making your life more deeply fulfilling.  When the course has finished there may also be the opportunity to take this further and be part of an on-going group that self-runs or is supported to self-run.

As well as the Time for YOU groups we also have  Musing on Motherhood events.  These are regular meet ups for all mothers who have been part of a  Time for YOU group.  They are a chance to come together, celebrate and appreciate each other and the work we do as mothers.  We share some of our creative acts in the world like that piece of writing that really captured how things are or the story of the time you tried something different. They are the opportunity to meet more women who also understand about taking time for mums for a change.

I would highly recommend this creative writing for mothers group to any mother! Skilfully facilitated by Jo, the group provides a safe and warm space to explore one’s writing and oneself…

I found myself making time for myself and the things that are important to me. I was surprised what an impact this had on my well-being. I really felt happier in my life while attending the group…

Anna, South Hams

All the material you brought, and the way it was so clearly and cleverly set out has been so rich and resonant. So juicy!! It has enhanced these last weeks massively. It’s come to end too quickly.

Clare, Chudleigh

I didn’t know what to expect but I found a group of warm, funny, creative and accepting women who all come with their own ‘baggage’ but also bags of support to offer one another.  Jo structures the sessions really well and her writing prompts helped me to see things in a new light and from a new perspective.

Jenny Wren, South Devon

So valuable to have experienced the learning and skill of delivery has been holding and beneficial.  Enlightening.  I would recommend this amazing group for so many reasons.

Amanda, mum of 6. Ashburton

The course helped me give words to the greatest curveball life can throw at you and it can feel like no-one understands what it feels like. The group allowed me to give words to  these feelings and help me understand myself better.

Naomi, Exeter

I have gained so much from the group but the one thing I didn’t expect was that through coming home to myself my relationship with my husband has been thrown onto a new and exciting pathway.


The course has given me insight into my own connection to others in relation to the challenges of motherhood. I haven’t written creatively for years.  It has ignited a longing in me to express myself which I hadn’t engaged with since being a teenager.

Corinne, Totnes

I cannot recommend highly enough.  It can be so very isolating and lonely, doing the course has helped me understand that I am not alone.

The Time for You group has been one of the best, most enriching ones I have ever attended in my life.  I have felt heard, deeply supported….full of warmth, powerful and empowering. A precious gift.

Attending this course was probably one of the best things to happen to me during the worst period of my life.  I have met truly inspirational people

I was really nervous as I am not a writer but learnt through the confidence the others gave me that it is not about grammar and writing ability but finding yourself and I have done that.  Thank you for the experience.

Jo holds the space with compassion, integrity and great skill. This work fills a gap by meeting the great need of mothers with special children to exchange their unique experience in a safely held environment.  Long may it continue.

Taster Sessions 

Bookings now soon be taken for the Plymouth Time for YOU group  taster sessions held at Routeways in Devonport Date to be confirmed.

Contact us if you’d like to come along,  meet us and find out a bit more about the  groups.

For professionals working with mothers, contact us to arrange a taster session for your organisation.

Are you a professional who works with mothers?

Would you like to know more about the Time for You groups?

Do you know someone you think would benefit?

Would you like to experience this first hand or arrange a taster session for your team?

If ‘yes’ then contact us

Book your place or find out more ...

If you're curious and think the Time for You group could be for you (even if you have an inkling),
I’d love to hear from you and answer your questions.

Do you like the sound of this but aren’t in Devon or prefer to work 1-1?

If you like the idea of exploring who you are since becoming a mother but aren’t in Devon or you prefer something that is tailored specifically to your needs, then I also offer Creative Life Coaching for Mothers.

This is a tailor-made, 1-1 programme by phone or Skype and gives you all the benefits of the Time for you Creative Writing meets Life Coaching Course but is custom-made so that you can focus on exactly what you need now.

Creative Life Coaching for Mothers 1-1