As mothers we are creating all the time.
We are creating solutions to multiple problems.

I have seen first hand the fall-out when we don’t get the support we need as mothers. The story that no one meant to choose gets handed down to each new generation. I’ve seen this in my life and in my work in a children’s home, schools, leaving-care projects, at ChildLine and with adults as a therapist and coach. I’ve also seen the opportunity that motherhood gives us to transform how we are in the world. When our personal story is not about just us now and is fundamentally inter-connected with another human beings life story. This incredibly inner shift felt out of kilter with the how motherhood was seen in society and how we were coming together as mothers. I felt lonely despite being surrounded by amazing women. We all seemed focused on the DOING not what these inner shifts felt like and how it was to Be a mother.

When I started coaching mothers, running groups and interviewing mothers for a book (that become this social enterprise) I realised that this phenomena is wide-spread. With Mums4achange we use coaching and creativity to share what really matters and get potent about what wants to shift. Because by taking the time to attend to ourselves and where our fault-lines are, we are less likely to create the same cracks for our children to fall into.

Why are we called mums4achange?

Because you and your well-being are put at the top of the list for a change. Because you are ready to make some kind of change or shift.

This might be about who you are being or what you are doing and how you are doing this. Often it’s about both. Because we believe in inviting a cultural shift where the contribution of mothers to society is truly valued and recognized.

Mums4aChange is a social enterprise…

Which means we are not for profit and have been lucky enough to have the support of the School for Social Entrepreneurs to help us set up.

To get here I…

‘To get here I…’ was written by Clare who attended and now supports the groups. Her youngest son has complex medical needs and this was her first piece of writing.

Through the group Clare discovered writing and creating as a therapeutic tool. She made the canvas from ashes produced by burning all the doctor’s letters about her son’s treatment.  The paints are applied with medical syringes.