What our clients say about our Time for You Groups 

“This is a wonderful, thoughtful course.  The caring and sharing is what we all need.” Kate, mum of 2

“Thank you for running such an important group. My time spent with other women going through the same struggles has been invaluable.  The group was so thoughtfully planned and the atmosphere so warm and carin, I’ve gained so much, thank you.”

“This group has really changed the way I view myself and what I want from my life.  I have cut down the hours I work and am looking after my mental and emotional health so much better.  For the first time in over a decade I am putting my needs 1st some of the time and have found my love of poetry again, finding creativity within myself even when on hold for the 0-25 team!! I no longer feel so alone and believe I am a happier more rounded person and better mother than I was before the course – thank you.”  Rachel mum of 2

This has been an incredibly supportive and grounding group.  I am so glad I came.  Things have been quite rough at home, but I have really  found that this IS a safe space and a total 100% commitment for me.  I have loved meeting the other women.  It’s a really good experience to be in a room of other women who have kids with additional needs because you know they know how really hard it can be.  There is something incredibly beautiful and heart strengthening about that. I have felt safe, supported, cared about and interested in others. The facilitators are excellent, professional, kind, caring.  They have a really good relationship with one another and work well.  The room was well presented and thanks for the snacks!!!

“The project has enabled me to shift my perspectives on challenging aspects of my life and has helped to affirm changes I already had set in motion.  It has been heartwarming and bonding to connect with other mums who share similar experiences and feelings.  We are all many threads that weave this intricate web of life.  I have been inspired and moved by people’s humanity, wisdom and sensitivity of care.” Vimmi, mum of 2
“I did the course called Time for YOU.  At first I was worried, was it the right thing to do. Now after soo many weeks I’m so glad I did –  the friends I made and I left with lovely memories. I learnt lots and it’s helped me through, I now feel more postive about my life too. Sometimes it’s worth giving things a go as if we dont try we never know. I’m so glad I did, thank you Jo and Clare so much.”
“Thank you so much for this insightful course. I have rediscovered my sense of self.  I feel so much more positive and this is having a good effect on the whole family.”

“This group has been so important to me – it’s pushed me through lots of my own roadblocks and created real energy and momentum in the rest of my life.  There is real alchemy that happens here.  I’m so grateful”

“Sharing my words with others and hearing theirs was powerful, emotional and deeply inspiring.” Becci,  South Devon

“The warmth and holding that Jo offers were perfect for me to allow myself to explore life other than in the role of being a mother.  I really enjoyed the 9 weeks and the pace we worked to. The group was small and safe and beautifully tailored to leave me with understanding and self knowledge and a kind of confidence that my story is valid.  I feel I was pushed but supported – challenged yet cherished in someway and I could not recommend this course enough to anyone who can allow themselves the gift of two hours a week for 9 weeks with a midwife who really has the emerging creativity and self acceptance of the participant as a goal.”  South Devon

“This course showed up at the perfect time just as I was looking for something to nourish myself and make sense of my mothering role.  Using writing to explore many aspects of myself I had been longing to reconnect to was the perfect medium – and doing it alongside other mothers who were on their own journey’s made for a real feeling of both being understood and supported.  Jo’s facilitation of the group was a lovely combination of humble and wise”. Rachel, Nr Totnes, Devon

“Jo helped me to open my mind and get in touch with my creative side which enabled me to expand my perception and be more true to myself.  Her subtle insights motivated me to set intentions and achieve goals.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking purpose and passion in their lives.”

“I would highly recommend this creative writing for mothers group to any mother! Skilfully facilitated by Jo, the group provides a safe and warm space to explore one’s writing and oneself. The group format adds a lot that you would not get from other forms of personal growth work. I found the connections I formed with other group members very beneficial.

Each session progressed meaningfully from the last one and overall built a program which I felt taught me a lot about myself. Jo provided interesting and thought provoking exercises and prompts and I found myself able to write and share my writing, which I have not done for years.

Outside the group, I found myself making time for myself and the things that are important to me. I was surprised what an impact this had on my well-being. I really felt happier in my life while attending the group. The trick is maintaining it afterwards! I would recommend this group to anyone interested in writing or interested in thinking about how they have changed since becoming a mother. I do not think you need to consider yourself someone who is interested in writing to benefit from the group.” Anna, South Hams

“All the material you brought and the way it was so clearly and cleverly set out has been so rich and resonant. So juicy!! It  has enhanced these last weeks massively. It’s come to end too quickly.”

“Heart-opening, supportive, transformative.” Carol, South Devon

“I was worried I would be surrounded with a bunch of tired mothers with toddlers – I was surrounded by a group of tired mothers full stop.  After 7 weeks – all transformed”  Mickey, Devon

“The course has widened my perspectives of myself and others, and really helped me to get myself back on track with my calling in life after the whirlwind of an early experience of motherhood.”

“I recommend this course very highly.  It is a magical space for women to explore their feelings and hopes for the future through writing.  It has given me a new lease of life to explore my untapped creative side.” Clare, Totnes

“Under Jo’s skilful and sensitive guidance our small group wrote, listened and responded to some of the deepest aspects of our lives to examine and reflect on where we were as mothers and women. Jo held the space beautifully to create an incredibly warm and supportive environment. I loved the range and breath of writers, relevant quotes and writing exercises Jo brought to tease out and inspire such gentle but powerful self examination. The course has helped me to look forward in my work, as a mother and a partner in the next phase of life.” Anna, South Devon